Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Connecticut Garbage

More garbage coming out of Hartford.  It does not seem to end.

HB6550 is a beauty to come out of Hartford's One Party Rule; this section is taken out of the bill-guess who will pay these new taxes-anyone who uses heating oil or propane

Sec. 3. (NEW) (Effective July 1, 2013) (a) An excise tax per gallon of heating oil and propane, each as defined in section 1 of this act, is hereby imposed in the following amounts on the following dates, upon all persons licensed to sell such fuel under the provisions of section 16a-23m of the general statutes: (1) One and one-half cents per gallon on or after July 1, 2013, but before July 1, 2014; (2) two and one-half cents per gallon on or after July 1, 2014, but before July 1, 2015; and (3) three and one-half cents per gallon on or after July 1, 2015, provided no excise tax shall be imposed on such fuel used by vessels, railroad, utilities, farmers and the military or such fuel sold for purposes other than for residential heating or domestic hot water.

(b) Each such licensee shall, not later than the first business day of the second month next following the date on which such tax is imposed, file with the Commissioner of Revenue Services, on forms prescribed by said commissioner, a report that shall show the number of gallons of fuel in inventory as of the close of business on the date on which such tax is imposed, or at midnight of such date, and at the same time shall pay such tax based upon the total gallonage shown on such report. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection shall cooperate with the Commissioner of Revenue Services in the enforcement of this tax. Failure to file such report and pay the tax when due shall be sufficient reason to revoke any state license or permit held by such person and interest at the rate of one per cent per month or fraction thereof shall be assessed on the amount of such tax not paid when due, from the date such tax becomes due to the date of payment.

High paid lawyers in the state need not renew their licenses as evidence by Laura Jordan

Elizabeth Rowe, an attorney at the Statewide Grievance Committee, the agency that regulates the practice of law in Connecticut, said Laura Jordan has not been properly registered with the state since April 3, 2002.
“She’s not in good standing,” said Rowe.
“Laura Jordan is employed in the Office of the State Treasurer as a policy analyst, not a practicing attorney; the fact that she is not registered is irrelevant to her job responsibilities at the Treasury,” Nappier said in a statement. “Laura’s registration with the Statewide Grievance Committee is not up to date. She apologizes for this error and any confusion it has caused; Laura has contacted the committee and is working to resolve the issue expeditiously.”
Jordan has worked in numerous legal positions at the legislature, according to the Office of Legislative Management, including:
Chief counsel to the speaker, House Democrats
Chief counsel to the majority leader, House Democrats
Deputy counsel, House Democrats
Associate legislative attorney, Office of Legislative Research
Legislative attorney, Office of Legislative Research
Through Nappier’s spokesman, Jordan declined to comment.
Jordan worked as special counsel to former House Speaker Chris Donovan, D-Meriden, prior to taking the job as executive assistant for policy with Nappier’s office, a move first reported by the Courant’s Jon Lender.
Jordan was tangentially involved in the federal investigation that led to the arrest of two staffers on Donovan’s campaign for Congress, including a former boyfriend of hers, for trading legislative favors for campaign donations. She declined to participate in the interview.

Here are two examples of the massive problems that we face as taxpayers in Hartford:  excessively high taxes and excessive disregard for the law by Democrats.  And we are forced to continue to accept this garbage that comes out of Hartford.

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