Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The State Budget-Much Ado About Nothing

A famous politician once said "We have nothing to fear but fear itself", he was also a liberal Democrat.  Here in Connecticut and echoing from the bowels of Hartford is fear.  And we as taxpayers and businesses need to fear it.  The fear comes in the form of Mr. Malloy's new budget.  As in typical lobbying, egotistical and economically irrational pomp and circumstance we will hear of all of these supposed budget cuts, shared sacrifices, and even new and higher spending for pick a program any program.  We will see yet even higher state spending and down the road even more state borrowing, more and higher taxes and yet even more unfunded liabilities which have been kicked down the road.
Oops.  But it will become another Governors problem in a few years.
What is another $200 million for corporate welfarism in the guise to bring more "biotech jobs" to the state.  What is another $1.5 billion for UConn?  What is another an additional $152 million over two years to the Education Cost Sharing grant?   We are looking another mere $2 billion dollars being borrowed with what will amount to be more failures and more taxes.  With no results.
The economically draining One Party Rule in Hartford's game plan has grown stale.  It is just more economic rhetoric.  We will hear of this great budget.  And we will continue to read Connecticut being last in all so many economic categories.
One Party Rule in Hartford's game plan continues to lose the game daily here in Connecticut.

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