Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Governor's Economic Nightmare

I wonder if Governor Malloy actually lives in Connecticut?  I know he travels a great deal at taxpayers expense and really wonder if he lives here.   After reading his budget proposal and actually trying to understand it, I think I can summarize it with two words: economic nightmare.
There is a one billion dollar budget deficit.  Spending is increased.  Taxes are raised again at a local level with the supposed elimination of the property tax on vehicles.  Along this same tax cut your state income taxes also go up due to the elimination of the vehicle property tax credit.  And when all the smoke clears we still have a one billion dollar budget deficit.  Along with $80 billion dollars in unfunded liabilities.
Economic nightmare courtesy of Hartford's One Party Rule.
Are there any economic priorities coming out of Hartford?  I really do not see any.  There are the usual amount of new and improved bills which are there to control yet another aspect of our lives or take away another personal freedom.  Feel good legislation is always there, substance legislation does not exist.  Spending continues unchecked and in actuality there are no checks and balances to our state government.
Economic delusions.
Economic problems.
Economic debacle.
Welcome to Connecticut, please do overstay your time here.

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