Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Raise The Minimum Wage? Why Put More Out Of Work?

Connecticut's One Party Rule in Hartford never ceases to amaze me with their lack of knowledge of whats left of our state economy.  The new twist is to raise the minimum wage to $9. and then to $9.75 in another year.
The minimum wage is floor or minimum that workers legally get in exchange for their labor.  It is a wage rate that is usually given to those with little or no work skills-for those who enter the labor market for the first time.  Much to the opposite of the One Party Rule in Hartford thought process, you are not able to support a family of four on it nor was it the original intention of the minimum wage for one to do so.
This is where liberal economists and equally liberal politicians who buy their votes come into play.  By constantly raising the minimum wage the costs of doing business and the products and services that are being sold go up.  And we as consumers pay more for everything because of it.  And those who make minimum wage still can not afford to support a family of four with an additional $30 a week less taxes.  It is not economically feasible to do so.  They too will now pay higher prices for all goods and services in the state.
In my economic opinion one can increase their wages through the greater knowledge, skills and education during their work careers.  Liberal politicians do not understand this because many have never held a productive job in their lives nor understand how our economy works.  The raising of the minimum wage hurts directly those it is supposedly trying to help in the first place.  It will further our state recession and ultimately place more out of work.  It will help the further decline of our state economy.
It is a ridiculous proposal in 2013.  Does anyone in Hartford understand this?

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