Thursday, December 13, 2012

Connecticut+Wasted Spending=A Fiscal Nightmare

What no wasted spending in a $20 billion dollar budget?  What is a $415 million dollar deficit?  No nothing a little soda tax wouldn't do to create even more economic problems in the state.
I am still amazed that Connecticut does not waste any money in any way shape or form according to our leaders.  I am also amazed that the only place to cut spending is in social welfare and education programs, two programs that we were told when we had the highest tax increase in our state's history would be saved and that needed to be saved.  What a political lie.
What about the $115 million dollars of taxpayers monies that is being used for corporate welfare at its best to pay for a hedge fund to move from Westport to Stamford?  Why is this money being spent especially since the CEO of this fund made a mere $3.9 billion dollars last year?  Could it be political payback for the city that Malloy was Mayor in?  What a waste of taxpayers monies!
What happened to the supposed $180 million dollars in supposed savings from the State Employee Suggestion Box?  Apparently no suggestions were made.
Why are we paying $340,000 plus benefits for a head of the Community College System?  What is his role and job if any?  Aren't the individual Community Colleges run already by Presidents who make a great deal of money in the first place?
The list of waste of taxpayers monies is endless in Connecticut.  And realistically there is no end in sight.
A state that is anti business, one of the highest tax rates in the country, excessive transportation costs and excessive workers compensation costs all lead to a road to economic ruin.   Connecticut plus wasted spending does equal the ongoing fiscal nightmare of one party rule.

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Frank S. said...

The data speaks volumes Bob but it falls on deaf ears. Where are the fiscal conservatives in this state to call Malloy out his way of ruining Connecticut. They are nowhere!

The sad part of the high taxes driven by excessive spending and the anti business climate we have here is we are not marketing the best part of Connecticut - LOCATION!

Connecticut could not be situated any better. We have in the middle of Boston to the Northeast and New York in the southwest, both within driving distance from any point here. We have the seashore in Long Island sound and the Northwest and Northeast hills. Our climate is fairly moderate thanks to the influence of the Sound.

Yet we put in place policies that discourage people from moving to this state, in fact, we have remained basically flat since 1980 adding only 600K people! (

I hope at some point the citizens of Connecticut will wake up and vote for change in the way the will be governed. Until then we should look for the person who can hit the light switch on this state.