Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Connecticut Now Must Borrow To Survive? Like Greece?

Oops.  Connecticut now needs to borrow to operate.  We are the Greece of America, along other poorly run states like Illinois, California and New York.
Connecticut needs to borrow a mere $550 million to survive and pay bills.  Sort of like Greece.  With the second highest tax rates in the country.
I thought higher taxes were the answer to all of the Democrats problems at every level of government?

Never mind the highest tax increase in the state's history.
Never mind a $1.2 billion budget deficit in the coming fiscal year.
Never mind the amount corporate welfare being given in 2012.
Never mind the one party rule in Hartford which has caused this economic debacle.
Never mind the current administration can't even agree upon the amount of the actual shortfall or deficit depending on which rose colored glasses you are looking through.

Thus Connecticut continues to be broke.  And the media believes that the Republicans need to either offer their solutions and or work with the Governor to resolve it.  Why?  One party rule and the absolute lack of respect the Malloy administration afforded the Republicans in prior budget negotiations during the largest tax increase in our state's history now comes back to bite them.  It is a one party rule Democrat problem now.  Unfortunately the one party rule can not solve it due to their economic illiteracy.  Oops.

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