Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Why Won't Rosa Debate? Wayne Winsley for Congress

Why won't Rosa DeLauro debate her opponent Republican Wayne Winsley?  I guess it is beneath her to explain her robust liberalism/socialism policies to the taxpayers she supposedly represents.  Her liberalism and socialistic policies astound me as a taxpayer.  During the health care debate her only concern was to force Obamacare down our throats because of all of the people who did not have health insurance in our country.  And guess what they still do not have health insurance and our premiums are sky rocketing.
What about a plan to pay down the National Debt?  Or how about some sound economic policies which promote economic freedom not socialism?  Or what about the issues with the Notch Year Social Security recipients?
The list is endless and DeLauro has been in office way too long.
But she will not debate Republican Wayne Winsley.  Sort of like in a socialistic society-one party rule-a dictatorship-it serves her well.
I continue to be astounded as to why voters continue to vote her into office here in Connecticut's Third Congressional District.  She continues to do nothing for us except promote her brand of socialism.
Republican Wayne Winsley provides a great alternative-he believes in lower taxes, he believes in a free market economic system, he believes in a strong family base, he believes in eliminating burdensome regulations, he believes in a strong national defense and he believes in actual energy independence.
He will actually represent the taxpayers of our district and show real leadership for Congress.
You do have a choice if you live in Connecticut's Third Congressional District, you can vote for Republican Wayne Winsley for Congress and facilitate a badly needed change for the good of our district.

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