Thursday, October 04, 2012

What Debate? President Romney Takes Charge.

What debate?
That was a debate between Presidential candidates?
Has Mr. Obama actually been President for the past four years with high energy price inflation, non existent interest rates for savers, a $6 trillion dollar increase in the National Debt and a socialized health care plan which does little to help our countries health?  That is the record he is running on and last night proved how unprepared he is to be President and continue another four years of his economic debacle that he has nurtured as President.  What a wasted four years for our economy and nation.
Mr. Romney proved once again why he is the choice for President in November.  He proved his ability to see our nation's future, to solve our nation's problems, to develop an economic plan for economic growth in our economy and showed true leadership qualities sorely lacking in Mr. Obama.
The choice is even more clear after last night's debate.
President Romney and Vice President Ryan, true leadership for America after the four year economic nightmare we have endured.

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