Friday, October 12, 2012

The Ineptness of Democratic Candidates When Debating

I think most voters who watched last nights debates between McMahon and Murphy and Ryan and Biden saw the Democrats as who they really are.
I am lost after watching these debates as to why anyone would want to vote for either Chris Murphy for Connecticut Senator or the Obama and Biden team.  Especially realizing that Mr. Biden would become the President if anything happened to Mr. Obama.
I hear that Joe was Joe last night, if that is the case he is not fit to hold public office let alone be the Vice President.  However it is good to see that voters are starting to see what our current Administration is all about-political and economic ineptness, lies and spins on security issues, stimulus packages to Sesame Street, the list is endless.  It is truly amateurs in office in this taxpayer's eyes.
On a state level the misguided Murphy Senate campaign continues to stumble.  As a taxpayer I really would like an actual answer to all of Mr. Murphy's issues with his mortgages and taxes.  After all we have to pay our taxes on time but I guess I must remember that Murphy and his fellow Democrats are exempt from the tax laws that we have in our state.  What is his actual job program that he talks about?  How did he create any jobs?  Why can't he pass a federal budget which address the National Debt?  Why is a strong defense bad for our country?  In my economic opinion he is also unfit to serve our state and taxpayers.
The choices are clear and should be to anyone who still has not made up their minds to vote.
For United States Senator in Connecticut Linda McMahon.
For President Mitt Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan.
The ineptness on the part of these Democratic candidates when debating is frightening.

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