Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keep Len Fasano State Senator in the 34 Senatorial District

Reelect State Senator Len Fasano in the 34th Senatorial District which covers now Durham,  East Haven, North Haven and Wallingford.

As State Senator, Mr. Fasano has done an excellent job representing our community.  He is an advocate of lower taxes, less governmental interference in business and industry, and economic growth and prosperity for our state something sorely lacking with our current one party rule in Hartford.  His opponent an out-of-touch liberal Democrat who failed as a State Representative offers little if any plan than more and higher taxes and out-of-control state spending.  We as taxpayers deserve better.

From the Fasano for Senate website: Fasano has an extensive record of public service accomplishments in Hartford and in the 34th District. Joining his legislative Republican colleagues he has and will continue to propose ways to make state government more cost-effective and efficient. He has also maintained his commitment to small businesses in Connecticut by being an advocate for business-friendly policies.
 Senator Fasano is also the driving force behind Connecticut’s first public cord blood bank system. Around the country this cutting edge technology has allowed families and individuals to tap into rich nutrients provided by umbilical cord blood in their effort to fight disease.
 He has also championed efforts to reform Connecticut’s eminent domain laws, protect Long Island Sound from Broadwater’s attempt to construct a liquefied natural gas terminal and has helped to protect the neighborhood surrounding Tweed New Haven Airport by helping to broker an agreement between the Town of East Haven, the airport and state officials.

Let us keep Len Fasano as our State Senator for the 34th State Senatorial District.  Let us end once and for all one party rule in Hartford.

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