Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chris Murphy Represents Chris Murphy Not Connecticut-Vote Linda

Gee Chris what is the difference with a union giving money to your campaign or a corporation?  The ultimate cost is paid for by either the union worker or by the consumer buying the product or service from the corporation.  Sort of like the donations you received from Webster Bank.  Sort of like when you forgot to pay your mortgage or your taxes.
Chris Murphy represents Chris Murphy not Connecticut and definitely not those people who actually work in our state.  Chris Murphy has never created one job in his long political career. To me I really can not see that he ever worked one day in his life at a productive job.  So how does he understand the over worked and over taxed middle class of Connecticut?  It is impossible.
Last night's debate once again highlighted how poor of a US Representative Murphy is with his unrealistic views of our economy and nonsensical approaches to programs and laws.  He has been a Democrat overseer of the last four year economic debacle his party has help to produce.  He offers nothing new but the same stale rhetoric and same stale ideas.  More taxes, more spending more for Chris Murphy.
The choice for Connecticut's Senator is clear-Linda McMahon, an individual who has the strength to lead and be a Senator for the taxpayers of Connecticut.  Vote Linda.

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