Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No More Taxes Or Mortgages Thanks To Chris Murphy

No More Taxes Or Mortgages Thanks To Chris Murphy!  I guess if Chris Murphy got elected as Senator we the taxpayers of Connecticut would no longer have to pay any more taxes or worry about paying our mortgages!  Wait a minute-you mean only Chris Murphy or other like Democrats in Connecticut are allowed to do this?  Why is that?  Oh because rules and laws do not seem to apply to Chris Murphy and other like Connecticut Democrats?  You mean sort of like the issues Chris Donovan faced possibly selling influence in bills and laws we the taxpayers of Connecticut have to abide by.  You mean these same laws and rules are not applicable to the Murphys and Donovans of the ruling elite-Connecticut Democrats?
I am really confused now.  
We still get to pay one of the highest state tax burdens in the country even though Chris Murphy does not to follow or possibly ignores the laws we as the taxpayers of Connecticut must follow.
Two tier system-have versus have nots.  Taxpayers versus the Connecticut Democrat Ruling Elite.
I guess we see who will win.
I am voting for Linda McMahon for United States Senator.  Not Chris Murphy and his lies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Economic Debacle Versus Economic Renaissance?

That is the choice in the upcoming Presidential election.  Voters have a choice between another four years of an economic debacle or taking a new course with an economic renaissance taking place.  Do you really want to continue four more years of economic lies, economic uncertainty and economic malaise?  
Four more years of an Obama administration will bring more of the same.  More economic debacles.  More economic uncertainty.  More and higher taxes.  More socialized medicine.  Are you better off than you were in 2009?  Will you actually be better off in 2012 with an Obama rather than a Romney administration?
And what about you the business owner?  Do you want more regulations which will continue to strip your economic viability and profitability?  Do you want government to continue to tell you what you can and can not do in your own business?  The same business you created yourself not with any help from the government.
We can have an economic renaissance in our economy.  We can not have it with four more years of failed Obama economic policies, rules and laws.  We can not afford it any more.
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can provide for that economic renaissance.  It can only happen with your vote for them in November.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A 50%+ Increase In The National Debt? And You Want Him Reelected?

What is a few trillion dollars when it is not yours and you are not counting?  What is a $16 trillion dollar National Debt anyways?  What is another round of printing valueless fiat money?  What promises at what costs are needed to be so desperately reelected so that more economic debacles can occur and more National Debt can be dumped upon future generations of our country?  And what price must we continue to have this false and failed supposed leadership of the Obama Administration-why can not it mercifully end in January?
A 50% plus increase in the National Debt continues to break the economic back of our economy to the point of no return.  What is the Obama Administration's plan to eliminate the Debt?  Are there any economic plans other than the complete socialization of our economy?  Why is wealth bad and yet Democrats embrace taking away as much as they can of it to buy votes?
It is a sickening economic way to run our economy and country.  And we as a government and economy can not sustain a $16 trillion National Debt which is owned by the Obama Administration.
We need a change economically-only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can facilitate that change in November.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

According To Our Governor We Are Better Off in 2012 Under Obama?

I am confused.  Our Governor Malloy who apparently spends little time here in Connecticut Governing (actually micromanaging is a better term) is stating that we are better off under Mr. Obama than four years ago from the Democratic National Convention.  I am curious if he still gets his salary while campaigning down there?
From a purely economics point of view I am astounded that our self appointed Governor-For-Life has made that statement.
Doesn't Mr. Malloy understand that the unemployment rate has yet to go down in the past four years?
Doesn't Mr. Malloy understand that many have given up trying to find work after being unemployed in the past four years?
Doesn't Mr. Malloy understand that the sub prime mortgage debacle has not been cleaned up in the past four years?
Doesn't Mr. Malloy understand that savers receive little if any interest on their savings in the past four years?
Doesn't Mr. Malloy understand that socialized health care has done little for our economy in the past four years?
Doesn't Mr. Malloy understand that Six Trillion Dollars in new National Debt has done little to stimulate our economy in the past four years?
The economic debacle list is endless under the Obama Administration.
Sorry Governor we are far from being better off than we were four years ago.  We are in a constant crisis of leadership and a constant economic crisis for four long years now.  You have done a great deal to contribute to it locally with the highest tax increase in our state's history and still running deficits.
I am still confused, thus I will be voting in November for real leaders Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for President and Vice President.