Tuesday, August 07, 2012

When Is The Sherwood Island Mitt Romney Fundraiser?

Mr. Malloy, I am curious as to when the Mitt Romney fundraiser will be at Sherwood Island and the use of Connecticut taxpayers monies to help pay for it?

What do you mean that a candidate can not use it for fundraising?  Oh because he is a Republican candidate that is why.  I understand now, it is ok to use my taxpayer money to help Mr. Obama raise money.  I really do not know what I was thinking; by the way I am curious as to how much did it actually cost Connecticut taxpayers last night for the events?  Oh I understand again I am not supposed to know and the liberal media can not tell me.  Silly me!

Mr. Obama talks about the poor and tax breaks for the rich while he attends a Connecticut fund raiser at $38,500 per person using apparently taxpayer’s monies to help him through his travels.  
I am curious how people who are unemployed feel about the President accepting that kind of money and then talking from the other side of his mouth about shared sacrifice.  That should make you feel good-especially coming from a President who has spent the past four years running for re election on a platform of no accomplishments and rampant deficit spending.  Maybe Mr. Obama should have tried to actually lead and govern for the past four years rather play the stale and tired blame game that he and his Democratic party has mastered.

Do you like the hope and change we have had for the past four years?  I haven’t especially when now my tax money has to go to help pay for his fund raiser.  What an abuse of power and waste of taxpayer’s monies.

Vote Mitt Romney in November for President. 

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David-FireAndGrace said...

Obama has a few accomplishments: The Omnibus Spending Bill of 2009, the bailout of Chrysler and GM, and the pinnacle of his spending spree, Obama-Care. For some these were essential to fostering economic growth and providing health care for those that would be left behind by our current Darwinistic plan of freedom, choice, and personal responsibility.

When one looks at the details of the bills, it seems each accomplishment is nothing more than a pay off to campaign supporters.

The only thing "shovel ready" about the Ominbus package was that it was actually going to quickly provide jobs. Much of it is still unspent, or has been wasted in overseas jobs, and more government bureaucracy. The transparency websites? What is the URL?

The bailout of GM and Chrysler was simply the mandate of power and more spending for union supported business (read that campaign supporters). There has been little incentive to actually put quality cars on the road to compete with foreign run enterprise.

Obama Care is the worst when it comes to answering the, "did it work question." It does not guarantee all Americans to have health care. Really? We were already paying for the poor and disabled. Oh yes, and the rich can afford their own. So who does this bill actually benefit? The health care unions. Unemployed workers can little afford the premiums, yet they still make too much to make it a priority.

The question remains, will we get another 4 years and another 5 trillion in spending, or will we get some fiscal responsibility in the White House come November?