Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday's Ramblings-Just More Of The Same Economic Illiteracy

It is a hot summer here in one party rule Connecticutax.  The latest sides being taken by the Governor and the Attorney General in the Nursing Home strike is economically irrational.  Since when should our elected officials be involved in this type of situation?  To buy union votes?  Or for what other reasons?

By the way how is that growing budget deficit doing here in our one party rule state?

Representative Mary Mushinskys recent taxpayer paid for reelection brochure came in the mail the other day.  I was wondering if she was serious about what she wrote about in it.  It was very funny to see no mention of all of the higher and new taxes which were shoved down her 85th District taxpayers throats over the past two years-hey what about all of those tax increases she has consistently voted upon since she has been elected to office?  We will not mention those now would we?  We instead will talk about all of the business friendly incentives she and her one party ruled passed this past session-just after this massive tax increases and anti business laws that were passed last year.  Confusing?  It is meant to be that way when one party rule is economically illiterate.  It is rhetoric and over taxation at its best.  Please vote for someone new in November-Greg Bachand for the 85th State Representative District.

By the way how is that growing budget deficit doing here in our one party rule state?

Oh and I almost forgot, I still believe in hard work, in private education, in capitalism, in success and freedom from a tyrannical government.  Just the opposite of what I can not believe I heard come from the President of the United States. Please vote for someone new in November-Mitt Romney for President.

By the way how is that growing National Debt doing here in our country?

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