Monday, May 21, 2012

The Tired Tax and Spend Policies of Mary Mushinsky

From the 5/19/2012 Record Journal

Mushinsky defended her vote for Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s budget, which raised taxes by $1.8 billion. She said constituents surveyed didn’t want to see cuts to such services as education funding, rental assistance and programs for the elderly. A 20 percent drop in revenue due to the recession meant that increases in taxes were needed to close the state’s budget gap, Mushinsky said.
“We had to balance the budget, and I think we did it in the most efficient way possible,” she said.
It is the usual.  Tax and spend, tax and spend.  Another election in Wallingford and in the 85th State Representative District.  For 32 years now, the taxpayers of the moving 85th District have had to suffer through the economically misguided tax and spend policies of State Representative Mary Mushinsky.  Mercifully it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel for taxpayers in this district.  Two strong candidates are emerging in the Republican party to challenge and defeat the 32 year incumbent this November.  Representative Mushinsky seems to be proud of all of the economic damage she has helped to inflict upon our community and state in the name of one party rule which rules Hartford.
She has voted for every tax increase she has seen in 32 years including our economic cure all state income tax which has done little to shore up our overspending by the one party rule in Hartford.  She has help to lead Connecticut down the path of economic ruin with excessive tax and spending programs which have forced businesses, taxpayers and our youth to move out of our state.  She and her Democratic party are the problem in our state.  One party rule and rule by irrational economic policies has help to bring the state on to economic chaos.  Just a gentle reminder that nothing has been done to address the $60 to $80 billion dollars worth of unfunded liabilities that the state still has.  Thus we just continue to see tax and spend.  
Remember Representative Mushinsky help to pass the highest tax increase in states history.  She has never voted against a tax increase.  Don't the taxpayers of Wallingford deserve better in November?
Tax and spend, tax and spend.  There is no economic logic in one party rule or by the economically irrational budget that was passed.

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