Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Connecticut Ultra Liberalism

Ultra liberalism is alive and well in the Hartford one party rule called state government.  It seems that it is just one thing after another which is quickly making up my mind to move out of the state as soon as I can.
Besides the lawlessness of the repeal of the state death penalty, a forced increase in the minimum wage or the highest tax increase in state's history (which is helping to create a massive state budget deficit) pick any current topic and our liberal government continues its force feeding of its economic illiterate theories and processes. 
You can choose to call it what you like but the Democrats one party rule in Hartford is creating an economic hemorrhage in which it will be difficult to come out of in either the short or long run. 
The end of this do nothing legislative session is May 9th.  Nothing has been done to address the budget deficit nor apparently before Malloy will have to call a special session at the cost of $10,000 a day of taxpayers monies.  Again what a waste of taxpayers monies all due to the economically illiterate one party rule of Hartford.

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