Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Death of the Death Penalty and the Death of Many Innocent People

Ultra liberalism. It defines Connecticut. One party rule, high minimum wages, high welfare benefits, excessively high business taxes, excessively high personal taxes, an archaic highway system, and now the end of the death penalty.
Why? Is repealing the death penalty the most critical issue in Connecticut in 2012? Apparently to our do nothing Legislature and Governor it is. Again why should we repeal this law?
The death penalty is a deterrent to crime especially violent murder. Violent murders as in the Petit family. However, by repealing this law we are repealing a safeguard to violent crimes in our state. We are stating that no matter how brutal the crime may be, you the criminal will be rewarded with your life. The lives that you may have murdered are disregarded. The murdered have lost theirs and apparently have no rights in Connecticut's Judicial System. You as the criminal will be afforded all of the rights in the world and at Connecticut taxpayers expense.
This is the true meaning of the repeal of this law.
I wonder if the law would have been repealed if an ultra liberal Democrat's family was murdered?
Yes the death penalty will be repealed over the voices of the innocent victims of crime in our society. And the death of many innocent people will now follow our ultra liberal Democratic state of disregard. A disregard for the people who live here and who are forced to support this debacle of government. Sort of like socialism if you ask me.

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