Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Representative Paul Ryan's Excellent Plan

I applaud Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for his plan to cut spending by $5.3 trillion dollars and balance the budget by 2040. His plan would simplify our tax structure which would help to create economic stimulation and economic growth as our government would decrease in size and be forced to become efficient.
Representative Ryan has become our country's spokesman when it comes to seeking a solution to our out of control spending and national debt. He is the only member of Congress in my economic opinion who has the desire to try to create a solution to this economic debacle that currently exists in Washington. And his plan needs to be looked at and enacted upon to save our country and economy.
What we hear from the Democrats is more of the same, more and higher taxes, more spending on failed social welfare programs, more spending on crony capitalism, more, more and more waste. And these economic programs of tax and spend have failed our economy miserably.
It is time for a different way of looking at Washington, cut spending, cut programs and cut taxes.

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