Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Connecticut's Cruel Gas Taxes-Cap It Permanently

There are many cruel gas taxes in our state along with many other excessive taxes on all aspects of our lives and businesses. But it is interesting to see that our one party rule in Hartford is willing to throw taxpayers a bone with a one year and one year only cap on the state secret gross earning tax on gasoline. Why can't they cap it permanently?
I guess taxpayers and drivers in our state should be ecstatic at these crumbs thrown at us. Why are we this highly taxed in the first place? Is our highway system that efficient? For example smooth, paved roads? Or is it a nightmare especially in the I-91-95 corridor? Where does all this gasoline tax money go to-the general fund, the one party rule slush fund that has driven our state into debt with out end?
And the rhetoric of the secret gross earnings tax cap continues. Senator Suzio's proposal should be voted on immediately and made permanent once and for all. Taxpayers have been raped long enough by Hartford's one party rule. It is truly time to end our taxation without representation that exists in Hartford.

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