Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Connecticut Senate Race-Linda McMahon

I find Connecticut's Senate race to be very interesting. As a Republican I feel it is healthy for our party to have candidates expose differing views and thoughts as to their policies. The three candidates all have some interesting ideas although I hold strong feelings in this election. The Democratic candidates seem to be to me just the typical Connecticut tax and spend elitist candidates who rule with a great deal of economic illiteracy and folly.
Back to the Republican side I continue to support and endorse Linda McMahon for a variety of reasons. She is a self made women contrary to the media distortion of her life. She has articulated precise economic programs and policies in both campaigns with this years plans to be even more far reaching than in 2010. She did not flee the state as did Mr. Shays after he lost his seat. She has been here paying taxes along with her business playing an enormous amount of taxes at all levels of government and also actually creating jobs. Mr. Shays now has a plan to eliminate the national debt-well what did he do for all the years he was a US Representative? Did he have any plan then? Did he really control spending or taxes?
In my economic opinion I am truly tired of the political lifers we have in the House and Senate who do nothing, become millionaires from their positions and have help to ruin our economy. Mr. Blumenthal and his ridiculous and economically illiterate actions in the Senate have proven this theory. Where is your budget Mr. Blumenthal? His time as our Senator really has been laughable for the taxpayers of our state-his concern is himself and his ego only. What a poor choice to represent us.
Thus once again I am supporting Linda McMahon for United States Senator and her plan of action. She is in my opinion very electable much to chagrin of the media and the many RINO's who inhabit the Republican party in our state. She is a political breath of fresh air, with a rational economic plan of attack for our economy. She will actually represent us and the Constitution which would be so nice for a change.
Yes I support Linda and by the way you only need one more vote than the stale, economically inept Democratic candidate to win the election...just a thought.

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