Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Another Day, Another Connecticut Economic Debacle

Well it is another day and another Connecticut economic debacle brought to you by the stale one party Democrat rule in Hartford. The latest now coming along with a never ending budget deficit even with the highest tax increase in our state's history. Now comes a push to increase the minimum wage by US Representative by decree Chris Donovan.
Why raise the minimum wage? Because it is an election year and that is how you buy votes in a one party totalitarian system such as we have here in our state. Who pays for the increase in the minimum wage? The remaining businesses here in the state and you and I consumers who purchase anything here in our state. Thus in a continued economic downturn we are going to add more issues for our remaining businesses as to how to pay for this now after the largest tax increase in our state's history.
What we see is one party rule's economic illiteracy at work. Why raise it now? Their economic arguments astound me-a minimum wage does more to eliminate jobs than to create them. But then again when one has never worked or been productive in our economy then one does not understand how the economy works. Sort of like how the one party rule thinks in Hartford. It is just another day and another economic debacle here in Connecticut.

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