Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts And More

Random Tuesday's Thoughts and more:
Why are we using taxpayer's monies to finance one party Democratic rule in Hartford?
How is Chris Shays now going to balance the federal budget in six years-didn't he have enough time when he was a Representative?
Where is the Senate's budget Senator Blumenthal?
What are we doing about rising energy prices, funny you hear no mention of the economically illiterate energy policies of this Administration (i.e. Keystone Pipeline)?
Why do we have a budget deficit with the highest tax increase in state's history?
And why is the media avoiding it?
Why did state taxpayers support Ticket Network?
How do they have actual economic value in our economy?
Why can't Republican registered voters like myself pick our own Presidential candidate?
Why must the media try to pick it?
Why is Mr. Obama even running for reelection with his dismal economic record of a record national debt, record unemployment, record federal spending and his dismantling of our military?
Really to me it seems like 1980 all over again...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cap The Secret Gross Earning Tax-State Senator Suzio To Help Taxpayers

State Senator Len Suzio has proposed that the Connecticut Secret Gross Earnings on gasoline be capped and not continue to increase as gas prices increase. Amen to State Senator Suzio for this monumental fight for drivers and taxpayers in one of the highest taxed states in the country. Our state has secretly for many years now taken advantage of drivers and taxpayers through this idiotic gross earnings tax. A tax that is logically passed on to the users of gasoline much to the amazement of our one party rule in Hartford. State Senator Suzio's plan is to cap this cruel tax and help to actually lower gas prices by preventing this over taxation on our gasoline.
And please do not buy the Democratic rhetoric that these taxes go into improving our road and bridge system. Does anyone drive either I-91 or I-95 on a daily basis? I do not see a smooth patch of road for miles on end nor do I see any improvement in our road system. It is not happening as this tax goes into the general fund for the Democratic blank check government that is forced upon taxpayers in this one party ruled state.
Enough is enough please support this proposal by State Senator Suzio and also sign his petition http://ctsenaterepublicans.com/2011/10/test/

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Again More Democratic Confusion-Applause to Ms. Bachand

I enjoyed reading in this morning's Record Journal an article on Tanya Bachand http://www.myrecordjournal.com/wallingford/article_94a80b64-5840-11e1-8097-001871e3ce6c.html
I did find confusing the following statement from the Wallingford Democratic Chairman which was found in the article:
But Democratic Town Chairman Vincent Avallone said that, while he doesn't know Bachand personally, he believes tea party ideas and ideologies have lost steam."The more local Republicans are influenced by the Tea Party, the better it is for the Democratic Party," he said. "I think their effectiveness and impact has worn out and people are fed up."Avallone said that he believes independent voters are turned off by the tea party and see it as "obstructionist."

In my economic opinion the more individual voters and taxpayers are influenced by the Tea Party the more they realize how one party rule by the Democratic party in Connecticut has all but ruined our state. People are fed up with being the highest taxed state in the country and the worse state in the country to retire in rather than being fed up with a free Tea Party movement which is attempting to better our state and country. They are not willing to continue the road to economic ruin that the Democrats have led us on. The Tea Party is an organization that welcomes independent thought and independent voters.
No-I think Mr. Avallone is confused because the more students and citizens I talk to, the more they tell me that they are fed up with our one party rule in this state. The obstruction is found by the Democrats in Hartford whether it is by gerrymandering legislative districts to eliminate candidates from running for state office by being pushed out of their current district or by excessive taxation and nepotism which reigns supreme in Hartford.
Keep up the good work Tanya and the Tea Party. Victory is in sight. The Democrats are the problem.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Connecticut's Economic War

Connecticut has an economic war. It has been going on for years. It is a war that pits those who work, run businesses in our state and pay taxes against a one party ruling elite.
It is an economic war that features outrageous economic claims by a elitist Governor as far as a balanced budget. It is an economic war that features the highest tax rates in the country. It is a war that features economic illiteracy versus free economic markets. It is an economic war that features a waste of valuable state resources such as our youth fleeing from living here. It is an economic war that features being one of the worse states to retire in. It is an economic war that features 10% of all state spending now pays for interest on borrowed money. It is an economic war that has billions in unfunded future state liabilities.
Can we win this economic war? Not with one party rule in Hartford. A continuation of one party rule further creates the economic chaos we have in our state. Thus, the economic war continues ad infinitum (to infinity).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey Senator for Life-Where's Our Budget?

Senator for Life Dick Blumenthal is now worried about NFL blackouts along with all of the other fluff things he likes to get press about. But Senator for Life what about something as frivolous as a Federal budget? I mean it is only 1000+ days without a budget-how does the Senator for Life explain it or twist it to his advantage? Or more likely does the Senator for Life understand what a budget is? You would think a Senator for Life who made a state career of enforcing the law and laws yet enacted or created would want to follow the law of the United States Senate and pass a budget for the country. Maybe an actual budget would force some spending cuts and or cuts in our massive national deficit and debt which have been rolling up to record numbers since 2009.
But according to our current United States Senate who cares about the economy, the national debt and having a budget? Certainly our Senator for Life is not worried about something as insignificant as this. After all what is the political value in a budget? Especially when you know your party will probably be losing control of the Senate and Presidency very shortly?
Just imagine Connecticut taxpayers and voters how much further ahead we could have been economically with Linda McMahon as our Senator. Instead look at the economic ineptness we as taxpayers must pay for forever in our Senator for Life Blumenthal.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Economic News-Higher Gasoline Prices

There will be some major issues as far the costs of gasoline in the near future for a variety of reasons. These are the same reasons that we hear about each year, turmoil in the Middle East, change over by refineries from different governmental required blends of unleaded (50+ blends), shipping issues and the list is endless. So what is new?
We as a country had a great opportunity to develop a more stable energy supply through the Keystone Pipeline project. We know that became political theater for the Obama Administration and thus the rejection of it. Thus a great source of economic freedom for our economy becomes more economic illiteracy by our government.
Here in Connecticut elected officials can not wait for the increase in gas prices as it creates a tax boom for the state through the still secret gross receipts earnings tax on gasoline which increases as the price of gasoline increases. More money will flow into Hartford to keep spending as quickly as possible.
In its most simplistic terms higher gas prices will further our recession and cause consumers to spend and save less each week as gas prices continue to grow. It is nothing new as we have had only 39+ years to become energy independent. And it will be 39+ more years before anything is done about it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Another Day, Another Connecticut Economic Debacle

Well it is another day and another Connecticut economic debacle brought to you by the stale one party Democrat rule in Hartford. The latest now coming along with a never ending budget deficit even with the highest tax increase in our state's history. Now comes a push to increase the minimum wage by US Representative by decree Chris Donovan.
Why raise the minimum wage? Because it is an election year and that is how you buy votes in a one party totalitarian system such as we have here in our state. Who pays for the increase in the minimum wage? The remaining businesses here in the state and you and I consumers who purchase anything here in our state. Thus in a continued economic downturn we are going to add more issues for our remaining businesses as to how to pay for this now after the largest tax increase in our state's history.
What we see is one party rule's economic illiteracy at work. Why raise it now? Their economic arguments astound me-a minimum wage does more to eliminate jobs than to create them. But then again when one has never worked or been productive in our economy then one does not understand how the economy works. Sort of like how the one party rule thinks in Hartford. It is just another day and another economic debacle here in Connecticut.