Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rejection of the Keystone Pipeline Astounds Me and Should Astound America

I guess from an economic standpoint the Keystone Pipeline is in the eyes of economic liberalism bad for our country. It is bad in many ways apparently because it would create 20,000+jobs in a very short time span, lower the balance of trade deficits and economic power of enemies overseas by reducing our dependency upon foreign oil and lastly lower the massive costs of gasoline and home heating oil especially here in New England. The economic logic that this Administration has presented as a reasoning to be against this project astounds me and should astound any rational American.
I guess these jobs are not good enough for this Administration. I guess becoming energy independent is not good enough for this Administration. I guess lower energy prices are not good enough for this Administration. This is just another example of the Obama Administrations blatant disregard for its citizens and its economic future. Unemployment benefits have gone on long enough and this Administration is now solely responsible for the economic mess we are in and have been since 2009. They own it in 2012.

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