Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Brand Connecticut

And we can save taxpayers $22 million dollars!
Here are some of my ideas for branding which would save our taxpayers some money:
"Welcome To The Highest Taxed State In The Country"
"Welcome To Connecticut-The Most Union Friendly State In The Country"
"Welcome To Connecticut-A State Ruled By One Party"
"Welcome To Connecticut-A State With A Horrific Road System"
"Welcome To Connecticut And Take The Busway To Nowhere"
"Welcome To A State Near Other States Which Offer Better Economic Conditions"
"Welcome To Connecticut A State Where You Can Vote Numerous Times In An Election"

Ah, the list is endless and I just saved taxpayers like myself $22 million dollars!
Come on let us see what else our one party rule can waste money on in 2012.

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