Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Same State Of The Union Speech

It was the same pretty much as 2009,2010,2011, more governmental programs, more governmental spending, more taxes, more regulations, more national debt, more political nepotism, more economically irrational bills, more, more, more of the same.
Mr. Obama kicked off his reelection campaign last night with yet another recycled State of the Union speech in which he said more of the same that he has said for the past three years. More governmental programs, more governmental spending, more taxes, more regulations, more national debt, more political nepotism, more economically irrational bills, more, more, more of the same. I guess I said that already.

I wonder when he will actually start governing and leading before he is voted out of office in November? Our election day can not happen soon enough.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rejection of the Keystone Pipeline Astounds Me and Should Astound America

I guess from an economic standpoint the Keystone Pipeline is in the eyes of economic liberalism bad for our country. It is bad in many ways apparently because it would create 20,000+jobs in a very short time span, lower the balance of trade deficits and economic power of enemies overseas by reducing our dependency upon foreign oil and lastly lower the massive costs of gasoline and home heating oil especially here in New England. The economic logic that this Administration has presented as a reasoning to be against this project astounds me and should astound any rational American.
I guess these jobs are not good enough for this Administration. I guess becoming energy independent is not good enough for this Administration. I guess lower energy prices are not good enough for this Administration. This is just another example of the Obama Administrations blatant disregard for its citizens and its economic future. Unemployment benefits have gone on long enough and this Administration is now solely responsible for the economic mess we are in and have been since 2009. They own it in 2012.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Brand Connecticut

And we can save taxpayers $22 million dollars!
Here are some of my ideas for branding which would save our taxpayers some money:
"Welcome To The Highest Taxed State In The Country"
"Welcome To Connecticut-The Most Union Friendly State In The Country"
"Welcome To Connecticut-A State Ruled By One Party"
"Welcome To Connecticut-A State With A Horrific Road System"
"Welcome To Connecticut And Take The Busway To Nowhere"
"Welcome To A State Near Other States Which Offer Better Economic Conditions"
"Welcome To Connecticut A State Where You Can Vote Numerous Times In An Election"

Ah, the list is endless and I just saved taxpayers like myself $22 million dollars!
Come on let us see what else our one party rule can waste money on in 2012.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Mr. President What Is Your Plan To Lower The National Debt?

So Mr. President what is your plan to lower the National Debt? The National Debt has increased at a greater rate than ever before in our nation's history since you took office. You have helped to make the National Debt equal to the value of our economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product. You have increased the National Debt by a mere 50%, more than $5 trillion dollars since you took office. You have offered stimulus after stimulus with no economic results. You have spent money that does not exist to entrap our economy with a massive debt for years to come burdening our yet unborn grandchildren with this fiscal and economic mess. And apparently you are proud of your reckless endangerment of our economy by your reelection campaign.
Enough is enough, our National Debt is no longer economically sustainable. You and your Administration have created this mess and you and your Administration are responsible for it.
So again I ask, Mr. President what is your plan to lower the National Debt? The economic silence is deafening.

Friday, January 06, 2012

What Constitution? Obviously Not In This Administration

Do we still have a constitution which governs our country? I wonder after Mr. Obama's recess appointments (even though the Senate is still in session) appointing members to the National Labor Relations Board and a director to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without going through the constitutionally required Senate confirmation process.
Why was he allowed to do this in clear violation of the law? Where our Connecticut Senators on this issue? Where are the Republicans in the Senate on this issue?
A severe violation of our Constitution by our spinning out-of-control President needs to be addressed immediately.
The Constitution is what governs the President whether he likes it or not, the law has to be followed and understood, he was sworn under oath by it. What part of the Constitution and his oath does he not understand?
I am shocked and appalled by his actions.
Our election this year can not come too soon as this President is lost and we as a country have just wasted four years.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How Much More Can State Government Grow?

It is interesting to see how much further Connecticut government can grow. In Hartford we have seen a continuous expansion of government in terms of employees, laws, rules, regulations, spending, increased taxes, and losses of economic freedom. What about the largest tax increase in our state's history?
The Super Majority one-party rule of the Democrats in Hartford has basically choked and stifled our economy for many years now. Many of our graduating youth will never settle in their home state due to the high cost of living, high tax rates and lack of job opportunities. I use my daughter as an example, nor do I feel it would be in her best interests economically to come back here, nor will she.
Our state has become and will stay economically stagnant for years to come due to the lack of a two party system in the state. And with 2012 being a state election year we will be flooded with the usual stale Democrat propaganda of showing us how much they have done for our state. It has already started with Representative Tax and Spend Mushinsky here in Wallingford. More of the same in 2012, a ruling one party elite damaging our state economy on a daily basis. Is there an end to this cancerous growth?