Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wait A Minute Who Has Been In Power In Hartford For Years?

President Malloy. I guess it is coming, maybe Senator first. I have been following with great interest State GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. questioning of our traveling Governors appointment as Finance Chairmen of the Democratic Governors Committee. I also question how much actual economic/finance knowledge Mr. Malloy has in regards to his running our state. First he passes the highest tax increase in the state's history. Obviously proud of that he makes the state income tax increase retroactive to January 1 of this year although few if any in the state tax department can actually figure out how much more one needs to pay to make sure one is in compliance with it. Now the state through the highest tax increase in our state's history is running a $100 million budget surplus through this over taxation since there is little if any economic recovery taking place in the state. Then the state Democratic Party's spokeswoman, Jacie Falkowski, states in the Hartford Courant, "he (Labriola Jr)should really look at his party’s dismal record on job creation, budgeting and leadership first." I thought the Democrats have been in control of State House and State Senate for how many years now presiding over a now record twenty years of economic recession and poor government. They have been in charge dismantling our state economy on a daily basis for many years now. What's the state's unemployment rate and is the unemployment fund solvent yet or must businesses keep paying the additional payroll tax fees to pay off the loans of this fund?
And the Democrats keep picking on former disgraced Governor Rowland's job as a talk show host. Well what about Eliot Spitzer's former job on CNN or how about the Reverend Al Sharpton's talk show job? Those jobs are fine but I guess but not Rowland's position.
Thus more of the same here in Corrupticut.
The Malloy Administration must keep up the talk of their path of socialistic progress of high taxes, more governmental spending and nepotism. The State GOP Chairman must keep up the resistance movement. I will choose to keep up with my feet and eventually leave this quagmire of a state.

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