Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Redistrict, How About Balance and A Real Two Party System For Connecticut?

I vaguely remember a two party system in Connecticut. Many years ago. When there was an actual two party system representing taxpayers and voters here in Connecticut.
Those days are long gone with one party rule by the Democrats at a state and national level here in Connecticut. And we can see the results in our state with a poorly run and bloated state government along with a group of up and coming non productive, economically illiterate, millionaires representing us in Congress.
Thus the debate now shifts to preserving this one party rule by the redistricting maps being shown to a skeptical public. I am skeptical as why would the Democrats give up a chance to continue one party rule and be able to anoint the next Congressional millionaire/billionaire to represent themselves and their special interests which have given them power (like Chris Donovan). The voter and taxpayer are left out of this decision on who represents them. We really do not have any representation on a state or national level in Connecticut and redistricting again proves it.
Again more and more businesses and taxpayers will vote with their feet and leave the one party dictatorship called Connecticut. Redistricting is just another example of the total lack of respect shown to the voters of Connecticut.

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