Thursday, October 27, 2011

How About "Taxpayers Awareness Day" Rather Than Diapers?

How about it Mr. Malloy and Ms. DeLauro-"Taxpayers Awareness Day" rather than "Diaper Awareness Day". In a state with still a massive budget deficit along with massive amounts of unfunded liabilities what are we not having a "Taxpayers Awareness Day"? Why isn't the current regime in Hartford educating taxpayers as to the massive amounts of tax monies that are being spent on cronyism and corporate welfare? Why are taxpayers not being told the real truth about the waste of taxpayer's monies going to program after program of the micromanagement of our businesses and our lives in this state? Why are taxpayers going to be forced to pay for diapers? I do not remember anyone paying for my daughter's diapers back in 1988, thus why I should pay for another person's today?
Ultra liberalism as exhibited by these two paid professional politicians continues to fail our state and our country on a daily basis continuing the economic downward spiral we have. We can only continue to fail economically when taxpayers must pay for diapers for liberalism. We truly have a socialist state lost in progressiveness to achieve a false Utopian society in which a ruling elite like the current one party rule dictates to us what we can and can not have. And we continue to lose taxpayers in our state as more socialism like this is forced down our throats.
"Taxpayers Awareness Day" How about today?

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