Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Many More Disincentives To Work In Our Economy?

How many more disincentives will this administration come up with to make working for a living a thing of the past? 99 weeks and counting for unemployment benefits. A special unemployment tax levied on all businesses in Connecticut who pay into the unemployment fund due to it being broke. Massive taxpayer funded stimulus packages for the past three years and the net result is even higher national debt and higher unemployment rates. We now can argue that there too many disincentives to actually go out and find a job. These disincentives further erode any hope for economic expansion and growth in our economy.
In my economic opinion due to the anti business atmosphere that the Obama Administration has and its anti free market theories, many businesses will not hire new workers in a period of economic uncertainty. Businesses are fearful of massive new labor laws and economic regulations which continue to hinder our economy in the long run. Thus, no new jobs.
Maybe new jobs will be found in 2013 with a change in Presidents. It can't happen soon enough.

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