Friday, September 30, 2011

Craig Fishbein For Wallingford Town Council

Research on town issues is critical to any Town Councilor's success. Republican Craig Fishbein in my opinion does a great deal of research on the issues that confront the Wallingford Town Council. In his first term on the Council, Mr. Fishbein has been prepared and well informed. I like that in someone that represents our town.

I recently had an opportunity to talk to him with regards to the 2011 election. He stated: "I believe that it is not the government’s responsibility to give us handouts or to tell us what to do. It is not the government's place to regulate and/or to tax us to death. As a member of the Wallingford Town Council, I will strive for smaller government, low taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens."

Mr. Fishbein has been a strong member of the Council and does an excellent job in analyzing what comes in front of the Council. I believe he would do another great job in his second term representing Wallingford.
He has my vote for another term.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vincent Cervoni For Wallingford Town Council

Another strong candidate from the Wallingford Republican party that is running for re-election to the Town Council this election is Vincent Cervoni. I had an opportunity to talk to him a few weeks back about his campaign and views for the upcoming election.
When discussing his first term on the Council, Cervoni stated:
"As I come to the completion of my first term on the Wallingford Town Council, I'm proud to have been part of an administration which has achieved a bond rating of Aaa. This speaks to the pattern of fiscal responsibility commenced by Mayor Dickinson and which has carried through recent years."
"While I do believe that Wallingford is a great place to live for people from all walks of life, I would like to see an improvement in the appearance of our downtown district, our uptown area, and the Route 5 corridor. It is my hope that I will be given another term on the Council to work toward these objectives."

Cervoni has been in my opinion a strong and effective Council member in his first term, he is articulate and offers a great deal of insight on many issues that come forward to the Council. He deserves a second term.
Mr. Cervoni has my vote this November.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tom Laffin For Wallingford Town Council

I like Tom Laffin. I am going to vote for him as one of my votes for Wallingford Town Council. Tom served on the Wallingford Board of Education and is well aware of the issues going on in town. Tom would bring to the Council a common sense approach to fiscal management of our town along with a business oriented focus. Tom was articulate when he was on the Board of Education on all issues he faced. He is a life long resident of Wallingford and to me is greatly qualified to serve our community with his education and business experience.

From his website
My Plan for the Continuation of Successful Principles and Practices for a Prosperous Community
A Vibrant Downtown:

I want a strong, healthy downtown. I want to make it easy and convenient for people to go, shop, dine, enjoy friends and show off their town.
A Solid Education:

Wallingford is highly respected for its education system by other towns and its administrators. After serving on the Board of Education for four years, and working along side of Superintendent Dr. Menzo and our team of teachers and administrators, I understand the needs of our children and how to balance those needs to work well with the general government.
Reliable Utilities:

I'll work to make sure the Mayor and the Public Utilities Commission have the resources and flexibility they need to continue the success we have benefited from. Our town boasts one of the strongest and most reliable electric companies on the east coast. Our water and sewer departments provide inexpensive and unfailing services that are the envy of our friends from other neighboring towns.
Fiscal Responsibility:

Budgeting to make sure our reach does not exceed our grasp, Wallingford has maintained it's strong AAA bond rating while continuing to grow within our means. By working to foster the town's self-sufficient nature and lack of strong dependence on the state for funds allows us to direct our own future.

Tom Laffin, the right choice for one your votes for Wallingford's Town Council
I know Tom has my vote this November.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying To Understand Higher Taxes But Can't

As an economist I continue to try to understand politicians most favorite phrase and term-"Higher Taxes". I no longer understand what this term means as it relates to government and its' spending. Higher taxes seems to mean that taxpayers have an unlimited amount of income that they must pay to government at all levels, local, state and federal.
Taxpayers must accept these poor economic decisions that are made by our elected officials and thus pay these higher taxes to continue to support an inefficient and bloated government. Politicians remain unchecked in their economic power grab of taxpayers' income and wealth. Then this money is redistributed in some ways to an elite few for their own economic gain. Higher taxes strips economic growth out of our economy.
Higher taxes does little to help government control spending and or pay down debts as has been see through the bloated Democratic state budget enacted. A massive tax increase (higher taxes) has done little to help our state economy nor is it addressing the massive unfunded pension liabilities of the future.
So I do not understand higher taxes. Nor do we have any plans for addressing our national debt, addressing our massive Connecticut unfunded long term debt or resolving massive unemployment. We have more of the same rhetoric-higher taxes, over and over again-ad infinitum (to infinity).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey Whats $13 Million? Taiwan Is Nice This Time Of The Year

Hey who cares about $13 million in pension funds? Especially when state pension unfunded liabilities are anywhere from $10 to $15 billion depending on who you believe. So what is the big deal about the State Treasurer trying to figure out a way to get that $13 million out of Taiwan? Heck I do not understand why the Democratic party and the state media isn't applauding her for making that kind of money on the pension funds. Why are they not giving her a raise? Or maybe a new car with new plates and registration? Why shouldn't taxpayers pay for that?

I mean $13 million can go a long way to paying down that $10 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. What is that about a 1/2% of it? I mean I know somewhere the Democrats have a plan for paying it off like raising more of our taxes or some other economic scheme. Just like the plan for rebidding almost $1,000,000 in banking contracts which have not been rebid in ten years.
Oh well-what's money when it is not yours and you do not have to be accountable for it? Anybody see $13 million?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Many More Disincentives To Work In Our Economy?

How many more disincentives will this administration come up with to make working for a living a thing of the past? 99 weeks and counting for unemployment benefits. A special unemployment tax levied on all businesses in Connecticut who pay into the unemployment fund due to it being broke. Massive taxpayer funded stimulus packages for the past three years and the net result is even higher national debt and higher unemployment rates. We now can argue that there too many disincentives to actually go out and find a job. These disincentives further erode any hope for economic expansion and growth in our economy.
In my economic opinion due to the anti business atmosphere that the Obama Administration has and its anti free market theories, many businesses will not hire new workers in a period of economic uncertainty. Businesses are fearful of massive new labor laws and economic regulations which continue to hinder our economy in the long run. Thus, no new jobs.
Maybe new jobs will be found in 2013 with a change in Presidents. It can't happen soon enough.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wow-More Economic Misery Again By This Administration

Let me try to understand this new economic logic, we are now going to raise taxes to pay for more jobs? What kind of jobs escapes me as the recent Obama jobs campaign speech promises more of the same economic misery that we have seen since January 2009. Again by raising taxes on millionaires who earn $200,000 a year, what is being accomplished economically? Another transfer of wealth? Another penalization of the creation of wealth in our economy except for those who have donated to Democratic candidates (i.e. General Electric, Warren Buffet)? Thus more of the same economic plan. Transfer wealth from those who have earned it through higher and greater taxes.
And no jobs will ultimately be created. After three years of failed economic policies would it make sense that the free market system be once again allowed to function without chronic governmental interference?
No, instead we will have more economic misery. More of the same failed economic policies.

Friday, September 09, 2011

More Failed Keynesian Policies - More Of The Same

Well Mr. Obama's speech was filled with more of the same, more governmental spending and more failed governmental micromanagement of our economy. What a pompous campaign speech by an individual whose one term Presidency is fading very rapidly into oblivion. Not to shock the President and his economic advisers but they must realize that the current gap between gross domestic product and potential gross domestic product is about $1.3 trillion. That is a substantial amount of money which this new and recycled jobs plan does little to address in the long run. Actually from an economics perspective I see no mention of this at all.
Naturally he also called for higher taxes on those who pay the most in taxes already, I had mentioned in a previous column that Warren Buffet and his buddies can contribute to the national debt.
The mortgage market also must clear itself finally and not continue to be propped up by individuals who economically can no longer afford their homes. The new plan does more of the same which will still not address the excessive amount of toxic mortgage debt in our economy. Which forces the continuing problems in this area of our economy.
My economic advise is simple, Congress do not pass this debacle of a campaign/jobs bill. Let the free market system clear itself of the economically inept government programs that have burdened the markets for too long. Allow free market incentives to increase production of goods and services which allow for the creation of new jobs for those 18% who are unemployed. Keynesian economics does not work and has never worked in our economy, not in 1933 nor in 2011.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

More Speeches = Less Jobs

Let me see, tonight we will hear how the Republicans are at fault for the economy and in particular the lack of jobs in our economy. We will hear that this President inherited this mess and that a mere $2 trillion dollars in debt later, he needs yet another stimulus program to get Americans working. And/or maybe an extension of unemployment benefits to 3 years or may be your entire lifetime until you can retire on Social Security at 62. We will see liberal news commentators spin his words to biblical proportions. And then maybe a majority of Americans who work and pay taxes at all levels of government will finally see how unprepared and unqualified Mr. Obama is to be the President of the United States of America.
The campaign for President is in full swing, we really need someone who understands the free market system and economics to become our new President. Millions upon millions of Americans have had enough of the lackadaisical on the job training that goes on in the White House with this Administration especially with poor economic policies that have damaged our economy.
More speeches and still even fewer jobs on the horizon. One term and done economically.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Local Election Is Near-Here Comes The Misinformation

Yes for Wallingford voters the local election is near-here comes the misinformation. We will hear the usual denunciation of the Republican Council members and the Dickinson Administration. We will hear the misinformation about the paving of the parking lot at Simpson Court. It would be interesting to see if anyone remembers when John Thompson appeared before the Town Council with the plans for this repaving (as is provided by the lease which the town has had since 1961 for this area) and why there was no objections to it at that time. But now we can view the election fodder of why this area must not be paved to benefit the town and the downtown area. And the fight for the referendum for this will amount to a great waste of taxpayers monies for it. And what is the purpose of this? Is it really saving taxpayers monies? In my economic opinion, it is not saving the $500,000 that is going to be spent to improve this area nor does Simpson Court owners need to accommodate Town Parking either if the lease is voided.
Thus in the 2011 election we will have more of the same, misinformation.
Democracy has always been served well by those who question what needs to be questioned. Democracy does not function when it is degraded to the constant turmoil of misinformation by a chosen few who claim knowledge in all areas called local government.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Economics

Happy Labor Day. How many people are working today? What is the real rate on unemployment? 18% with those off the unemployment compensation roles due to their 99 weeks benefits ending? How many jobs have been permanently lost in our economy since 2008? How many jobs will either be lost or gained from our recent hurricane? How much does federal government interference and regulations cost in actual new job creation? How can new job creation occur with chronic government overreach in the labor market? How many more failed jobs plans can the Obama Administration create? Why are Unions given their current salary and pension structures which are in the case of Connecticut still not addressing long term unfunded liabilities? Why can't the free market system allow for the creation of new jobs without governmental subsidies paid for by taxpayers? Why is Connecticut's unemployment fund broke?
Happy Labor Day-hopefully you have a job as do many, many politicians and governmental workers at all three levels of government have. If you don't have a job...well...