Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Debt and More Debt

And the debt continues. Congress and the President choose to avoid economic reality with the new/old debt ceiling lie. We can see no meaningful reductions in federal spending nor any economic efficiencies taking place with this new deal.
And the blame is everywhere depending on whose side you take. However in my economic opinion to blame the Tea Party movement is illogical and irrational. Our government can not sustain uncontrollable spending in which the bulk of the money they are spending is just paying interest on the national debt itself. It is totally non productive. The Tea Party movement has brought this issue of uncontrollable spending out in the open for all to see and for all to be upset by. Look at the money middle income taxpayers are spending to support this economic debacle. General Electric is not paying these taxes, nor is Warren Buffet. I have never heard General Electric, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet offering to give the government a few billion to pay down the national debt. Middle income taxpayers are paying it. You are not rich if you earn $200,000 a year nor should have to make up for what these companies and individuals are not paying in taxes.
And the debt continues ad infintum (Latin: to infinity-if there is still one).

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