Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Politics Of Hartford

The politics of Hartford never ceases to amaze me. Realizing that as a taxpayer I really do not have any say whatsoever in our state government. We have a wildly swinging Governor who seems to be in over his head in self created economic turmoil. He chooses a well know political tactic by cutting programs and areas which he knows will upset many in the state. Illogical random choices by far and wide are essential so that the Governor can make his point politically. We will assume at the last second there will be some sort of union/Democrat compromise along with yet another round of tax hikes and all the previously mentioned cuts will not take place. The theatrics of Malloy, Democrats and the unions make for some good laughs and good political theater for the media.
However, it does nothing to help the state, those who own businesses in the state or the long forgotten taxpayers who support this economic debacle. It continues to accelerate the great drain of business, industries and youth from our state. For example the buying of 200 jobs for large corporations such as Cigna at the cost to taxpayers of upwards of $47 million plus does little to foster economic growth for the state. Again it is just the politics of Hartford. More of the same, taxpayers being thrown under the train (which will now cost even more to ride).

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