Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Higher Taxes Will Not Solve Connecticut's Economic Woes

Higher taxes will do little to help Connecticut and its fiscal debacle. Higher taxes negate economic growth by continuing to erode purchasing power and wealth formation through the excessive transfer of money from the private sector to the public sector. And we can now the excessive waste of state government spending. We are lied to by our Administration with the economic fallacy that spending was cut when it actuality it increased by another 4% and taxes will increase by 20%. The increase in taxes will create the right conditions for a new massive economic downturn for the state.
All this because Malloy and the Super Democratic Majority in Hartford can not address the nepotism, the excesses, the wasteful spending, the bloated bureaucracy of excessive management, workers, pay and benefits that rules our state. There has been absolutely no reform in state government, it only has been more of the same economic debacle. And the same lies force fed to the taxpayers of our state.
Higher taxes will not do anything but help to create a massive economic recession, all for the sake of Democratic political power.

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