Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Connecticut Will Not Prosper Mr. Donovan

In one of the more bizarre political pieces that I have read, Chris Donovan has spun the coming economic debacle and recession caused by his Governor and party into a view that "Connecticut Will Prosper" (Record Journal 5/24/11).
Mr. Donovan and his Democratic Super Majority have all but nailed the final economic nail into the coffin called Connecticut with a laughable budget that increases state spending by 3%, creates the highest tax increase in the state's history, adds a ridiculous additional burden to the remaining businesses in the state and self promotes himself for his anointing as US Congressmen from the 5th District.
Your party created the budget deficit, your party did not listen to one thing that taxpayers had to say in false Malloy town meetings, your party continues to enable those who do not wish to work in our state, your party did not balance the budget as in economic reality it is not balanced in any way, shape or form, and your party will help to create massive economic damage for taxpayers.
Your budget is a lie-no Connecticut will further decline due to the massive tax increase, massive increases in state spending, massive continued nepotism of state hiring and still no economic reform in state pension funding and benefits.
The Democrats own this economic recession. There will be no prosperity except for those ruling elite like Chris Donovan and his Democratic Super Majority. The elite rule ruthlessly by punishing economic prosperity for those who work for it.

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