Monday, April 04, 2011

Why Is Mr. Obama Running For Re-election? $14 Trillion Dollar National Debt

And why did he announce it in April 2011 when the election is November 2012. Thus we will now have a mere 18 months of campaigning by Mr. Obama. I am sure this campaigning will be paid for by taxpayers. The same taxpayers who must foot the $14 trillion dollar National Debt that Mr. Obama has nurtured and expanded since he has taken office. The next 18 months we will hear about the great governing of Mr. Obama while we as taxpayers try to grasp this $14 trillion dollar National Debt. The next 18 months we will hear how evil the Republican candidate for President is, was and will be while we hear songs of praise of Mr. Obama and his $14 trillion dollar National Debt. We will also try to understand the constant changes in Mr. Obama's foreign policies while simultaneously fighting war on three fronts and the expansion of the $14 trillion dollar National Debt due to these now three wars. We will try to comprehend all of the failed economic stimulous programs that we enacted by Mr. Obama and how they contributed to the $14 trillion dollar National Debt. Yes we as taxpayers joyfully welcome the next 18 months of pure rhetoric, theatrics and lies that the next Presidential election will bring. All while we try to grasp a $14 trillion dollar National Debt.

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