Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Economic Thoughts

And there are many.
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's, "The Path to Prosperity" is a courageous attempt to cut federal spending and is being met with the usual liberal panic screams and lies. If one actually reads the plan, one can see the economic logic being presented by him and his plan to reduce the National Debt. The same National Debt for those who are living on another plant is $14 trillion dollars plus at least $30 trillion in unfunded liabilities/off budget items.
Mr. Malloy's stunted attempt to do anything about Connecticut's high taxes, unfunded liabilities, massive state spending and nepotism can viewed as a direct opposite of Mr. Ryan's courageous stand. Malloy offers residents/taxpayers more of the same, excessively high taxes and excessively high state spending. He has no understanding whatsoever of how our economy works. Then again there will be few who continue to stay and work in our state due to this economic illiteracy and economic fraud.
Fiscally Conservative Wallingford Mayor Dickinson again offers a strong town budget much to the dismay of his political enemies. By cutting spending and doing with less, Wallingford again leads the way in our state with sound fiscal management. Maybe our economically illiterate Democratic Super majority in Hartford could come down and see how real government works. What a fantasy.
High energy prices? They are an illusion since the Federal Reserve states there is little inflation in our economy at this time. Thus the $4 a gallon for gas you are paying coupled with $3.65 a gallon for heating oil apparently does not exist when you are paying for it. We only have have since 1973 to become energy self sufficient-maybe by 2073 we will be.

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