Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Connecticut's Decline

Connecticut is in decline. A steep decline. A decline of enormous proportions. A decline of jobs. A decline of business and industry. A decline of affordable housing for young people starting out. A decline in affordable education for legal residents while illegals are given a free ticket to this same education. A decline in our transportation and road system. A decline in representative government for those who work in our state. A decline in truth in state government-has it ever existed in the first place? A decline in youth actually remaining in our state after graduation from high school and college. A decline in most aspects of the quality of life.
Connecticut's decline rests totally upon an economically illiterate state government and those who are in power in Hartford. We have economic decline due to over taxation, grave economic inefficiencies of state government and a massive lobbying effort which displaces the middle and upper income taxpayers from having any representation in Hartford.
Connecticut is in decline. A steep decline. And will continue to get worse with the coming Malloy budget.

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