Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More Of The Same

Hartford is just more of the same. Where is the new economic thought? Where are the economic dynamics to transform Connecticut's economy into a robust and vibrant entity? Where are the cuts to state spending? Where are the lessening of state regulations and laws which negate economic growth and prosperity in our economy? Where is the leadership economically?
In my economic opinion all I can see is more of the same, excessively high spending with now even higher taxes on everything purchased plus some new tolls thrown in. Why? What does the Malloy plan create and prove? More of the same. More of our best and brightest moving out. More of our business and industry moving out. More special interest lobbying groups dictating to taxpayers what they can and can not have. More social welfare spending which does nothing to empower those in our economy. More stale rhetoric by misguided economically illiterate paid professional politicians in Hartford.

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