Monday, March 28, 2011

Look At The Shared Sacrifice Of The Ruling Elite In Hartford

We must overlook the missed shared sacrifice of Mr. Malloy and the $8.5 million dollars of taxpayer's monies he took in matching funds for his campaign.

And we must also overlook the shared sacrifice of the states recently retired top two auditors.
Equal to blame from both parties as quoted from 3/27/11 Kevin Rennie-Hartford Courant Now You Know Column The two auditors who held the job for nearly 20 years, Republican Robert Jaekle and Democrat Kevin Johnston, retired late last year. According to the Office of the State Comptroller, based on their "three high year earnings," Jaekle receives "an estimated retirement benefit" (translation: pension) of $137,640 a year. Johnston receives a pension estimated at $160,800 a year.

Please keep in mind that the auditors are the crack troops of fiscal prudence. A portion of those generous pensions includes mileage. Again from the comptroller, "The average of Mr. Johnston's three high year earnings included $10,450.92 attributable to reportable mileage. The average of Mr. Jaekle's three high year earnings included $11,427.82 attributable to reportable mileage."

Now that is real shared sacrifice upon two individuals who were guarding the states finances. Let us see how much we can rip taxpayers off now. How from an accounting auditing perspective can mileage be counted towards a pension? How from an audited accounting perspective can this be allowed? And what is the concept of shared sacrifice? What a bunch of shared lies coming out of Hartford.

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