Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Economics

Local politics is an unique mix of personalities, ideas and ideologies. Those who are fortunate to live in Wallingford enjoy a good blend of politics and politicians. Our Mayor, Bill Dickinson, shows little emotion or fear of criticism. His job is being a strong, conservative Mayor who leads by example and thrift. A majority of taxpayers/voters endorse him each election and or embrace his views. A small minority, at the drop of a hat, condemn his every move. That is the nature of local politics. We are also fortunate there are a good mix of economically conservative officials from both sides of the political spectrum. What becomes disastrous for most towns and cities especially here in Connecticut is the reliance upon a regressive property tax and the bait and switch tactics of state funding. The state loves to mandate programs and then pull the funding from them down the road. Also most towns and cities budgets are dollar excessive to Education budgets, salaries and benefits for municipal employees.
Many others towns and cities are poorly managed economically as compared to Wallingford. Mayor Dickinson loved by the majority and hated by a small minority continues to exhibit economic common sense and is pure in his economic brilliance as an elected official in this state. A cost benefit analysis void of political overtones is utilized for every decision in our town. That is why Wallingford is the economic example that all other municipalities should be following.
On Thursday, the economic horrors of Obamacare....

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