Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Economics

Obamacare. Economically Obamacare is a nightmare. If one looks at our neighbors next to us In Massachusetts one will see the future and future economic debacle from this socialized health care plan. Is the plan working there? Economically no. Due to the fact that there is little if any competition in the markets and the taxes for those individuals who constitutionally do choose not to have health insurance (but will pay themselves) is staggering. Thus why are we adding this burden to the economy at this time of recession?
Medicaid costs for states will skyrocket with rationed health care the only way for this plan to work economically since there is not enough money anywhere to cover it especially with the fiscal situation most states are in.
This year alone insurance premiums are rising dramatically from this new bill before implementation. What about the $500 billion in new taxes it creates? What about the 150 new boards and commissions created-where is the money going to come for that and what is the purpose of all of these boards and commissions? What about the new, costly unfunded mandates on our states many of which are broke already? And the list is literally endless of economic debacles that this bill has created.
Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to repeal it. Obamacare needs to be repealed for there is no possible way it logically does anything to help our medical care system and there is no possible way it can be afforded. End this economic debacle now.
Friday...again have you paid enough for your ....

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