Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Economics

I am going to do something different this week. For the next seven days I am going to talk about economics and politics.
The 2012 Presidential campaign should start to be heating up over the next few weeks. And why not? It is only 23 months away for candidates to start to pound away at all of the great social and corporate welfare programs that our government supports, to tell us why they are needed, why our taxes must go up to support them and why only they can lead our country.
Our next President, in my economic opinion needs to come from private industry, we can ill afford economically another President who has absolutely no experience in dealing with economic issues and problems. Taxpayers can't afford it.
It is also interesting to see that this next campaign should cost both sides at least $1 billion dollars each. Talk about non productive money in our economy. Why spend money in a media that condemns you and your policies (although not Mr. Obama-see Linda McMahon as an example)? It is economically illogical. Why can't economic issues be the focus of the next campaign and a real dialogue exist on them? Remember our national debt is $14 TRILLION DOLLARS and counting-what is the plan to pay it off?
On Tuesday....more politics and economics....from Hartford....

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