Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday's Economics

Have you paid enough state taxes? Get ready to hear about the bad, share the pain, dysfunctional, economically irrational, economic illiterate state budget deficit. Get ready to hear about the $70 billion dollars worth of unfunded liabilities with only $16 billion in assets. Get ready to hear how Connecticut is near bankruptcy, now ranking in the top five states for debt in the country. Get ready to hear whose fault is it especially when we hear the blame is on the taxpayers of the state because they refuse to pay more in taxes than they already do. Get ready to hear that the Democratic Super Majority for years had no idea that anything was wrong financially with state. Get ready for one of the largest economic debacles our country has ever seen explode in Hartford over the next few weeks.
Why? Why has this state been economically mismanaged for so many years? And when will voters wake up and truly blame the continuing Democratic Super Majority for the mess they put us in? When?
On Saturday more negative economic news.....

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