Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 and Economics

What will 2011 bring economically? If one is working and paying their bills it will be more of the same in my economic opinion. Economic stagnation. If one is still not working, where will the jobs be in 2011? How are we helping the unemployed by giving them three years of unemployment benefits? How does this create jobs and who pays for the unemployment compensation?
How will the economy cope with another run up of energy prices? What happens to the economy when gasoline is at $4+ a gallon and heating oil is at $3.25+ a gallon. How higher can these prices go?
Will the new Governor and the Connecticut Super Democratic Legislative majority address Connecticut's coming fiscal insolvency? Or will they continue to raise taxes, raise spending and continue to create an even greater deficit of which there will be no fiscal resolution to? How does one party rule in Hartford help our economy in any way in 2011? How has all of the billions of dollars that the state has thrown at "problems" been efficient to help to create solutions to these same "problems".
2011 in my economic opinion will bring more political economic illiteracy at all levels of government. My advice is to be frugal economically in the coming economic storm.

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