Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let Us Tax Connecticut's Air

Why not? It would provide a way for the Connecticut Democratic Super Majority in Hartford to keep overspending tax monies and further drive Connecticut into bankruptcy. It it actually a feasible plan with some thinking out of the box. Since there can be no cuts in spending in Hartford, raising taxes is the one and only alternative that can be offered. Thus by taxing the air that we breathe here in the state the Super Majority will show their omnipotence as supreme taxing economic beings dictating to the masses what we can and can not have so as to perpetuate their political ego and overspending.
Are you breathing too much? Tax it. Eating too much? Tax it. Living too much? Tax it. Taxing everything is another economically illiterate solution which I am sure will be thrown around in the coming year.
Why Connecticut voters voted for this coming mess in Hartford is beyond me. We are on the verge of bankruptcy, spending needs to be slashed like it has been in family budgets. When will the economic stupidity stop?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 and Economics

What will 2011 bring economically? If one is working and paying their bills it will be more of the same in my economic opinion. Economic stagnation. If one is still not working, where will the jobs be in 2011? How are we helping the unemployed by giving them three years of unemployment benefits? How does this create jobs and who pays for the unemployment compensation?
How will the economy cope with another run up of energy prices? What happens to the economy when gasoline is at $4+ a gallon and heating oil is at $3.25+ a gallon. How higher can these prices go?
Will the new Governor and the Connecticut Super Democratic Legislative majority address Connecticut's coming fiscal insolvency? Or will they continue to raise taxes, raise spending and continue to create an even greater deficit of which there will be no fiscal resolution to? How does one party rule in Hartford help our economy in any way in 2011? How has all of the billions of dollars that the state has thrown at "problems" been efficient to help to create solutions to these same "problems".
2011 in my economic opinion will bring more political economic illiteracy at all levels of government. My advice is to be frugal economically in the coming economic storm.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How High Will Energy Prices Go?

How much are you willing to pay for gas and heating oil? $4 a gallon will probably be the norm for 2011. And where will this money come from for consumers? Unknown. We know government at all levels disregards thrift and conservation, but we as consumers must now figure out once again how to pay for skyrocketing energy costs. We know our government still can not figure out how to develop a comprehensive energy plan which would make our economy self sufficient. It only has had 37 years to do this, we really can not expect it to happen that soon. Natural gas shale, offshore oil drilling and a promotion of nuclear power are all fantasies to our mindless and economically illiterate government.
Thus for 2011 expect to pay much more for energy, even though we have plenty in our country which could be used. We know our elected officials have no thought for energy self sufficiency for our country. It would just make too much sense economically.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Once Again Rosa DeLauro Votes Against Her District

Why she got reelected is beyond me. Why the people of Connecticut's Third Congressional District vote for her is amazing. She in my economic opinion does not in any way represent this district. Representative DeLauro voted against the extension of the Bush tax cuts, she actually voted against her President. Her President who is economically challenged when dealing with economic issues. She apparently voted against the bill because of supposed tax cuts for the 2% of the most wealthy and that it does not create enough jobs. As an economist I fail to see how the top 2% are getting such a massive cut in this bill, if anything those who leave $5 million dollars in inheritances will see the federal government steal 35% of it now. That money has been taxed numerous times already. Why is that justified? How did DeLauro's vote for socialized health care and the Obama stimulus package actually create jobs for our economy either? They were both job killers.
Once again she has voted against her district. Why is she our Representative?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why Is It Difficult For Government To Cut Spending?

And why won't they cut spending? Why must firmly entrenched pork barrel spending continue at all levels of government? Has spending by government ever have an actual clean audit? Is all governmental spending efficient and free of fraud? At what level of deficit spending does government become bankrupt? At what level of governmental spending does their liabilities exceed their assets? Are we at that point at this time? Can a new Congress actually have the guts to reform taxes and cut spending at the same time to avoid bankruptcy?
Mr. Obama is no comeback kid, he has little economic education nor economic understanding of the two year debacle he has created. The reforms economically are simplistic. Ignore the biased media and leftist Democrats and cut spending and taxes. Create a plan to pay off the national debt. 2012 is around the corner and mercifully this administration and its failed economic policies will be gone.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Economic Follies

Economic follies are all around us, must be that time of the year.
On a local level how does Wallingford pay for $1 million dollars of union pay raises mandated by an illogical arbitration settlement?
On a state level how does Connecticut pay for $72+ billion dollars of short and long term debt?
On a federal level how does Washington pay for $14+ trillion dollars of national debt?
I can see Wallingford's plan which is the most logical, layoffs and movement of funds. On a state and national level it is more of the same economic illiteracy that we have seen for years. This holiday season politicians still do not get it, there is no more money, spending needs to be cut once and for all.