Thursday, November 18, 2010

Connecticut's False Election

How was Connecticut's Governors race decided? How was it legal? Why was our state constitution violated and our rule of law violated? How was it legal to extend the voting hours and then notify voters? Why weren't enough ballots ordered? Why weren't the ballots left in a secured place? Why were bags of ballots discovered a few days later? All Democrat ballots?
The sham that was Connecticut's election really needs to be investigated. But we all know that since it benefited the Democrats there is no need to look into it. We can just cover up this fraud and forget about it. We also know that if it was the Republicans who had the advantage there would be no certification of the election. If that was the case we know there would be enough Democrat votes found to change the election.
Mr. Malloy was not elected with a majority, if he did not have the mythical Working Families party line he would have lost the election. And why a candidate is allowed to be on two party lines is beyond me. All Connecticut voters and taxpayers need to keep in mind the power of a recall election. For we are facing four more years of poor government in Hartford. Recall.

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