Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Continue To Vote For Democrats? Why More Economic Ruin?

Just curious, why do voters keep voting for Democrats in a state of one party rule? Connecticut to me seems to have massive economic problems which do not seem to go away. And the lack of solutions by the super majority ruling Democrat party in Hartford is frightening. Simplistic ideas of pushing line items off budget, saving monies by magic and the impending tax increases all spell more economic doom for our state. I ask again why do voters keep voting for Democrats in a state of one party rule? The Connecticut State Legislature seems to be a complete waste of taxpayer's monies. Nothing gets done except the passage of frivolous laws, massive increases in pet spending programs, nepotism hires at state agencies, and massive tax increases all help to create our economic nightmare for Connecticut. An economically illiterate governed state thanks to this super majority. Why let it continue any more?
November 2nd voters have a chance to end this regime. Vote this election for the Republican party and their economically wise candidates such as Tom Foley for Governor, Jeff Wright for State Treasurer, Jerry Farrell for Secretary of State, Martha Dean for Attorney General, Jack Orchulli for Controller, and Linda McMahon for United States Senator. Vote for Republican candidates for State Representative and State Senate. If you have had enough, then vote for these strong leaders for a change.

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