Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Does Dick Blumenthal Create Jobs With His Friends?

Tell me how does Dick Blumenthal create jobs? Especially with all of the business friends he has made being Attorney General? How did Blumenthal create any jobs? He has help to destroy the business climate in Connecticut. How can this be qualifications to becoming a United States Senator? What does he actually know about the economy? In my economic opinion absolutely nothing. He knows nothing of private sector job formation through the free market system and economic growth. He knows nothing of the struggles of small businesses throughout the state facing economic turmoil due to his Democratic high tax and anti business platforms. His search and destroy methods have caused more long term economic harm to our state than any past Attorney General. And he is not in any way qualified to be a United States Senator with the horrific record he has.
Voters need to send a clear message to the elite Democratic party of Connecticut. Blumenthal has nothing to offer but lies and falsehoods.
Voters will elect Linda McMahon for our new Senator in November. It is really time to end this ruling elite.

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