Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Connecticut One Party Rule - Why?

Why do we have one party rule in Connecticut? Why do voters keep going back to Democrat candidates who have no idea how to govern, how to lead, how to be frugal with taxpayer's monies, how to cut spending, how to be business friendly and how to actually be honest with taxpayers? Thus, why do we have one party rule in Connecticut?
Our state under the leadership of the Democratic super majority since the passing of the state income tax has become a vast wasteland of unlimited and non productive state spending programs. This coupled with a mass flight of both businesses and our youth fleeing our state at any chance they get. There is little economic future in our state because of this one party rule. We have a massive budget deficit, massive unfunded future liabilities, massive inefficiencies in state government, massive taxes and massive bureaucratic burdens to the remaining businesses left here. And the blame needs to placed squarely upon the Democratic super majority for their ineptness and fraudulent way of running our state. We as taxpayers deserve better. The Donovans, Mushinskys and Blumenthals, just to name a few, all have contributed greatly to our demise.
We do have a choice. End Connecticut's one party rule in November, vote Republican for a change.

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