Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Household Net Worth Has Dropped Again

Did you notice that your household net worth has dropped again? Did you notice that in most cases your are receiving .10% on bank savings/checking accounts? Did you notice your taxes go up again on a local, state and federal level? Did you notice your income has become stagnant (at one college that I teach at I have not gotten a raise in eight years)? Did you notice that credit is still brutal to obtain? Did you notice that the Obama administration has stated repeatedly that the recession is over? Or is it? Did you notice the mood of taxpayers in our country?
Recent economic statistics again have pointed to another drop in personal and household net worth. Your assets have once again decreased due to the lack of pro business, anti-tax and pro economic growth polices which are formulated in Washington. The economic policies coming out of Washington are childish, elementary and feeble. They are also illogical as once again pro Keynesian spending policies are failing our economy and creating mountainous debt for our future. All in the name of political expediency and political gain.
Did you notice that your household net worth has dropped again? Please take even more notice when you vote in November.

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